We talked to 15 people from across a variety of backgrounds, genders, and ages about how they remember Independence Day. Some recalled the joys of celebrating in the freezing temperatures, how surreal it all felt, while others recounted feelings of trepidation for what would happen to their communities since they were not Albanian. Many had to deal with the complicated emotions of feeling both sadness and joy, as independence had come at a steep human price. Another recounted how not everyone could enjoy that day because the north of Kosovo was, de facto, separated.

The project is a collaboration between Prishtina Insight and Oral History Initiative.

Saranda Bogujevci

Visual artist

Saranda Bogujevci (1986), MP, Podujevo

Petrit Bejdoni

Social worker

Petrit Bejdoni (1988), social worker, Gjakova

Nita Salihu Hoxha

Graphic designer

Nita Salihu Hoxha (1984), graphic designer, Pristina

Jelena Bjelica


Jelena Bjelica (1978), journalist, Belgrade

Fatlum Kryeziu


Fatlum Kryeziu (1996), student, Prizren

Shqipdona Ademi


Shqipdona Ademi (1996), student, Skenderaj

Dardan Hoti

Journalist and human rights activist

Dardan Hoti (1989), journalist and human rights activist, Krushë e Madhe

Hana Bajrami

Civil servant

Hana Bajrami (1987), civil servant, Pristina

Ebru Süleyman


Ebru Süleyman (1990), consultant, Pristina

Bardh Salihu

Project manager

Bardh Salihu (1986), project manager, Pristina

Atdhe Mulla


Atdhe Mulla (1983), photographer, Pristina

Valdete Idrizi

Peace activist

Valdete Idrizi (1975), civil society activists, Mitrovica

Adrian Bytyqi

Political scientist

Adrian Bytyqi (1992), political scientist, Prizren

Abdyl Gashi


Abdyl Gashi (1944), educator, Pristina

Milica Andrić

Civil society activists

Milica Andrić (1992), civil society activist, Zubin Potok.