Luljeta Çeku

The cultural life was complemented by the arts and culture societies which were based in the city of all nations and nationalities, as we referred to them at the time....

Zenun Çelaj

Even the Palace has a history. In several places, its foundations were laid, but only the foundations, but never constructed. […] There we laid the foundations of Rilindja first, Fadil...

Christopher Dell

When I first got to Kosovo, it was my first experience having my own security detail. It was the first country I had lived in where that was necessary, and...

Mahmut Mumci

In the Old Bazaar, right where you would enter the street of ropemakers, there was a synagogue. At the Bazaar, other than the Turkish and Albanian Pristina folk, the Jewish...

Edmond (Edi) Pruthi

We had many games, many. […] from the most famous ones, the most famous game was Autofront, but Albanians called it Autron. Car game with a Ferrari. The lead had...



E-BOOK: The National Gallery Oral History Project

The Oral History Initiative in collaboration with the National Gallery of Kosovo

31 Mar 2020

Reconciliation of Blood Feuds Campaign 1990—1991 at EVA International

Biennial of Contemporary Art, Limerick, Ireland

20 Feb 2020

Launch Event: Janjevo Walks

The Walks mobile app embarks in Janjevo

22 Nov 2019



Artistic responses and conversations with artists about lockdown

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Betty’s Story

Animated short film by Flaka Kokolli

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