Bajram Zymberi

In 1979, the World Handball Championship for women was held, I am not sure if you know? In 1979. They built sports halls in Gjilan, Ferizaj, Prizren, Gjakova, Mitrovica, Pristina,...

Xun Çetta

When the demonstrations of March 11 [1981] broke, I was not the one to organize them, though I was here. I am not the one to say who started it,...

Ajet Duli

The first conversation was about why I joined first of all, why I became a member, with whom, how? […] The first dusk had already fallen. They came. I was...

Teuta Bekteshi

You cannot imagine how crowded it was, how much enthusiasm, you cannot… there were elderly, you had, there were women […] When Hydajet Hyseni got up, in that part of...

Gani Krasniqi

They came and arrested me in the name of the people. They held me… so it was around 10:00. That day was Relay Day, it passed through Pristina. We had...


Ajet Duli

Teacher of physics and chemistry/ Policeman

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Programmatic collaboration between the Oral History Initiative and Gallery of the Ministry of Culture - Qafa

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Short animated film directed by Flaka Kokolli

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