Through this research, Oral History Initiative will document the work of the PostPesimistët [Post-Pessimists], a cultural youth group active from 1995 to 2003. This association was funded by a Norwegian organization and was part of a larger network operating under the same name in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia.

 The Kosovo PostPesimistët  mainly gathered people from the Gymnasium Xhevdet Doda in Pristina, where students were still able to attend classes in the school building during the Milošević regime, while most Albanian youth had to rely on schooling conducted at home, in the so-called parallel system of education.

 The PostPesimistët  organized cultural evenings for youth, as well as various photography and journalism workshops. But their main activity was the publishing of a magazine  under the same name and its distribution among the youth. The Post Pessimist magazine later became an insert in the weekly Koha Javore.