Zana Nixha

Pristina | Date: October, 2017 | Duration: 58 minutes

[...] So, my father was there [Tirana] for a long time, and at one  point we decided that we had to be together, we could no longer live separated. We also thought that maybe there we would have better opportunities for studying  than in Kosovo. Also my mother had the chance to start working as an architect there, we had no chance in Kosovo. So we all decided to go there [...] This time we all decided to go and start going to school, my sister and I, our brother in kindergarten and so on.

I went with a, I don’t know how to say it, with...maybe Postpesimistët [Post-pessimists] helped me not to go there with prejudices, to be open and accept being part of them. I mean, because most of those who went  there were like, 'They are different, they don’t know, they speak…' No, I went with enthusiasm. Because life was a bit different there, you would go to the theater a lot more often there (smiles), or there were concerts almost all the time. And I know that after  school, with my classmates, I actually started hanging out with my classmates  right away.

Aurela Kadriu (Interviewer), Donjeta Berisha (Camera)

Zana Nixha was born in November, 1978 in Pristina. She graduated in Architecture from the University of Pristina and is currently working as an architect.


Zana Nixha