Remzije Januzi Limoni

Pristina | Date: March 31, 2023 | Duration: 179 minutes

The demands were mainly political. ‘Self-determination!’ ‘Free the political prisoners, Adem Demaçi, Rexhep Mala!’ They mentioned all those prisoners by name. ‘Trepça works, Belgrade prospers!’ ‘Kosovo Republic!’ ‘Either through peace or war… Constitution, either through peace or war.’ […] Hydajet spoke, he spoke as a worker, with his hat on, he was wearing simple clothes, he was a worker and we didn’t know him at all. And that day, Teuta… the moment didn’t let you, that situation didn’t let you be passive. And I said, ‘Teuta you climb up, climb up as a woman. Why should only men climb up? Let the women climb up too’ (laughs). And, ‘No, you climb up Remzije’ I don’t know how it happened, ‘You climb up, you climb up,’ before even climbing, my brother wrote those demands {pretends she’s writing something} what to say, what to… on someone’s back, I think it was Teuta’s brother. And he gave me those [slogans] and I was wearing a skirt, it wasn’t exactly easy for me, and then Hydajet Hyseni asked me, ‘Do you recognize me?’ […] And I chanted them and the shouting was even louder because it’s a little different as a woman, and I climbed down and continued until the evening, it became very dark, it lasted until late. There they dispersed us with tear gas, there we scattered and didn’t see each other anymore. I lost my shoes and I saw a guy running through the street, I don’t remember what street that was. And he gave me one of his shoes and I was left with one shoe, the other one was lost, and that guy gave me a shoe and I kept it until, I had it until recently. I don’t know if someone threw it out recently, because I wanted to keep it as a memory (laughs). As a memory and for it to be at a museum, that shoe, to tell about where it happened, what they did, what we did at that time.

Anita Susuri (Interviewer), Renea Begolli (Camera)

Remzije Januzi Limoni was born in 1959 in Pogragja, Municipality of Gjilan. In 1978 she enrolled in the Faculty of Albanian Language and Literature in the University of Pristina. Due to her political activity, she was arrested in 1981 and was sentenced to six months in prison. After one year she was arrested again and was sentenced to one year and a half in prison. In 1990 she fled to Switzerland where she still lives today with her family. Mrs. Januzi Limoni founded the women’s association Nëna Terezë, the core activity of the organization is the accumulation of income for the families of martyrs.