Memedali Gradina

Janjevo | Date: July 24, 2019 | Duration: 86 minutes

In front of Bash Çarshia, there used to be a state-run café, a state-run café. They used to have singers and stuff, I remember that surely, I remember because 55 years ago […]The atmosphere was, how do I put it? That will never return. That atmosphere will not return here. That café was always full. There was music, they had singers. The young and old went there, even the middle-aged. Whoever could, got in, whoever had money, of course. You cannot enter a café without money to pay for drinks. There were no divisions, no one cared if you were Croat, Roma or an Albanian. No, no, no. Regardless, we ate and drank there together. All together. We had no issues among one another. But I don’t think that time will come back. Life was really tasty, life was sweet.

Anita Susuri (interviewer), Besarta Krasniqi (camera)

Memedali Gradina was born in 1964 in Janjevo. Mr. Gradina is a car mechanic by trade. He received his elementary education in Janjevo, while he completed vocational education at the Technical High School in Lyon, France. From 1982 to 1985, he started his own business in Lyon, where he offered services as a car mechanic. In 1986, Mr. Gradina returned to Janjevo, where he started a family business,  a processing plastics workshop. He is a father of two and lives with his family in Janjevo.