Pavarësia booklet

First issue, May, 1991

As Raif Musa and Valdete Bajrami Musa tell us, in the years 1990-1992 the Council of Reconciliation of Blood Feuds in Ferizaj  was a meeting point for different social movements. At the time, they met many other activists, mainly former political prisoners, also known as the the activists of Ilegalja [The Underground]. Since the political context of Kosovo had undergone drastic changes during those years, even the activism of the Reconciliation of Blood Feud Movement was considered semi-illegal.

One of the results of this type of political socialization was the formation of the literary group Hasan Prishtina, that published two issues of the booklet Pavaresia [Independence]. This booklet published numerous articles, stories and poetry, which depicted aspects of the demonstrations of 1981.

The first issue of Pavarësia, published in May, 1991, can be found here.


Publication produced in May 2015 for the exhibition "Below the Radar: Memories of the Second World War."

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