Shazije Gërguri Hasangjekaj

Pristina | Date: July 25, 2023 | Duration: 75 minutes

In ‘65, at the end of ‘64. Adem Demaçi was on trial, I took some friends with me. I didn’t take them to organize something, because I didn’t have the power to organize anything. I said, ‘Does anyone want to come with me? I’m going to watch Adem’s trial.’ I know I went with Elhame.

[…] And Mejrem [Berisha-Sema] was there, actually I don’t know if Mejrem was with me that day. Because Mejrem was a great activist. The next day at around 4:00 in the morning, a police car appeared in front of our door. Bam, bam, bam {onomatopoeia} to tell you the truth, I was very scared. Because we were traumatized by [what had happened with] my brother, they took him away around the same time. They would come and make our house a mess. And they said to me, ‘Get dressed and come with us.’ I didn’t remember anything. Who could have betrayed me, no one because no one knew, hardly anyone knew.

I went, they put me in jail. They kept me for two days. They fired me without any documents or anything. I didn’t even dare to ask why I was here. But I thought maybe they wouldn’t do anything if I asked as I was leaving. I said, ‘Excuse me, why was I here?’ They said, ‘You had intentions of organizing a protest because Adem Demaçi is on trial.’ They gave me some paper to sign, who dared to read what they were signing. I signed it and only God knows what I signed (laughs).

Anita Susuri (Interviewer), Latra Demaçi (Interviewer), Ana Morina (Camera)

Shazije Gërguri Hasangjekaj was born in 1945 in Pristina. In 1965 she studied at the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade. In 1973 she graduated from the higher medical school in Zagreb. Mrs. Gërguri Hasangjekaj was imprisoned in 1964 for political reasons. In 1966 she started working in the orthopedics cabinet at the hospital, where she worked until her retirement. She lives with her family in Pristina.