Hotel Božur

Named after poppy flowers that according to the legend grew from the blood of the fallen soldiers at the Battle of Kosovo, the construction of Kosovski Božur designed by Boris Pozdnyakov in 1954 marks the beginning of the urban modern city. Adorned with marble mosaics of warriors and crest-like ornaments on the balconies, the building became an important landmark in no time. After the 1999 war, the hotel was given another historically loaded name, Illyria, but people still refer to it as Božur, even though no traces of the original can be found today. The privatization in 2006 and the reconstruction of the hotel divorced the building entirely from its socialist heritage. The blue glass facade with seemingly elegant lines and the neoclassical treatment of arched windows and pillars turned the building into a stylistic pastiche. The transition of the hotel from human to monumental scale architecture invited another name change: into that of the Swiss Diamond Hotel.