Nuhi Bytyçi

Prizren | Date: August 3, 2022 | Duration: 71 minutes

…the moment when we were caught came, we were imprisoned, we didn’t object. They caught one of our friends red handed, and he couldn’t contain himself, and the police came and took me early in the morning. I wonder how they knew, that moment was interesting, because they came straight to my room. And to my bed, not my brother’s, but to my bed. They said, ‘Come on, get up Nuhi.’ I got up. My mother wasn’t doing that well health wise, my grandmother, one of my [paternal] aunts, my father, they all got upset. […] They sent me to prison there, and then the torture began. To tell you the truth, I had a neighbor, an investigative judge, Skender Berisha. He really was our first neighbor in Prizren. He asked me to take it back and to leave from there, to repent. He gave me a cigarette, he said, ‘And don’t say the last word,’ he said, ‘first.’ ‘Shall we begin?’ […] The typist there {pretends he is typing} and said, ‘Let’s begin, Nuhi.’ I said, ‘I don’t feel guilty, I am totally aware of what I did.’ ‘Stop it, stop it,’ he said, ‘stop it here!’ […] And he told the typist to stop, to not type. He said, ‘Nuhi we agreed to not say the last word first. Shall we continue?’ I said, ‘Let’s continue.’ I repeated the same things again.

Anita Susuri (Interviewer), Renea Begolli (Camera), Hidajete Osmani Bytyçi (Present)

Nuhi Bytyçi was born on March 11, 1954 in the Semetisht village, Municipality of Suhareka. He studied in the Faculty of Economics at the University of Pristina. Due to his political activity, he was arrested twice. In 1981 he served five years in prison, while in 1995 he served two years in prison. Currently, Mr. Bytyçi works in trade. He is the father of four and lives with his family in Prizren.