Luljeta Çeku

Prizren | Date: July 18, 2018 | Duration: 67 minutes

The cultural life was complemented by the arts and culture societies which were based in the city of all nations and nationalities, as we referred to them at the time. Along  with the theatre, I was also a member of the Agimi Society, and their concerts oftentimes were good, not very often, but they were quite good and successful. Also, the experience I had in that society was grand. […] I was lucky that at the age of 15, 16 to go to Germany with the Agimi Society for example. That was a great experience, because the city of Prizren and Bingen were twinned and that tradition continues.

So they have the Bingen Fest, they collaborated with Progress, a Prizren-based company and the wine producers of Krusha e Madhe and Rahovec. So, for the first time as a 16-year-old I flew by plane, at that time it was rare and out of the ordinary. The same trip we took two years after with the Agimi Society at a festival in Turkey, in Italy, and many other places in Yugoslavia. We also participated in the Olympics in Sarajevo, I led the Society’s concert. We were invited to the Olympics in 1984. […]

That was a very unique experience for all of us, because youth and their parents could not afford it, not all parents could afford to have their children travel to other countries. That was the satisfaction and the reward that you got, of course, you also received a certificate, an acknowledgement for your role that you played, and that was very satisfying for us.

Ares Shporta (interviewer), Elmedina Arapi (Camera)

Luljeta Çeku was born in 1953 in Prizren. She is an award winning actress and theatre director. Ms. Çeku completed her studies for acting at the High Pedagogical School, University of Prishtina in 1971. In the same year, she was employed as an actress at the People’s Province Theatre in Pristina. In 1972, she moved to the City Theatre of Prizren. Later, in 1980, she specialized in theatre direction at the Academy of Performing Arts – DAMU in Prague. Upon her return from Prague, she continued where she left off at the City Theatre of Prizren as an actress and theatre director of numerous plays written by Albanian and foreign authors. Since 1992, Ms. Çeku has lived and worked between Prizren and London.