Isuf Peci

Stan Trg | Date: May 17, 2021 | Duration: 111 minutes

We were determined to get there either dead or alive. To tell you the truth, two or three times they tried, we had our guards, they were in the first row with posters, I was in the first row, I will never forget it. They tried to send us back to Shipkofc, but they couldn’t. When we went to Millosheva, before we got there, I will never forget it, now some buildings were built there, they were there. Remzi Kolgeci came with his white coat. I will never forget it, a long, white coat. ‘For God’s sake,’ he said, ‘Go back because we will also suffer the consequences’ ‘We swear to God,’ we said, ‘alive or dead,’ on both sides, we just yelled ‘Auu {onomatopoeic} ahead, comrades!’ We went through the fields (weeps). Then we went to a hall there. […] We didn’t talk much, I swear. Some got sick, we went however we were, in those clothes, it’s not good to say it now. With those helmets, they smelled like mines. We worked in those, some had helmets, that’s how we went in, dirty clothes.  We didn’t talk, we didn’t talk to each other at all, as if we were in trouble, but that was worse than being in trouble.

Anita Susuri (Interviewer), Korab Krasniqi (Interviewer), Renea Begolli (Camera)

Isuf Peci was born on November 2, 1954 in Boletin, Municipality of Zveçan. In 1973, he graduated from the Technical High School in Mitrovica. He started working in the Cërnac mine as an electrician in 1978, while at Trepça in 1981. In 1992, he emigrated to Germany and after coming back in 2002, he continued working in the Trepça mine until retirement. Mr. Peci is the father of four children and lives with his family in Tuneli i Parë.