Franjo Golome

Janjevo | Date: August 19, 2019 | Duration: 52 minutes

The Bazaar was full of people. You had funny people here, who knew how to have fun and prank and talk. Today, I fear this, in the past two years, it has entered my mind that our children will forget how to speak. Always on their phones. If you leave them for 24 hours, you know they will forget how to speak.

People knew how to speak and invent stories. As a child, I remember when I went to buy cigarettes and later, when I grew older, we started going out. Then around ‘86, ‘87 when the cafés opened, I was a young man. Then in ‘88, ‘89, that was, what do I know, no one can describe it. It was beautiful, we had friends. We were friends with Albanians, we played football. Even today we socialize. 

Only men went to cafés? What about women?

Yeah, yeah, women too started going out. So in ‘88, ‘89, women started going out. It is there where we met, where we married, in the cafés.


Franjo Golome was born on June 18, 1969 in Janjevo. Mr. Golome used to be a trader, but now he is an agrarian. After receiving an elementary education in Janjevo, he started trading in Pristina, selling leather and plastic products. In 1992, because of economic inflation and the Yugoslav Wars, he stopped trading and returned to agrarian life. Today, Mr. Golome lives with his family in Janjevo, where they work as agrarians.