Rexhep Hasani

Prizren | Date: May 5, 2018 | Duration: 84 minutes

I decided to stay in Prizren because I liked it the most, my children liked it better here. Because I came here from ‘66, they all made friends here, they got adapted. But I got  adapted too. […] In Gjilan, I told you, I had a very good time in Gjilan but here I had my friends. I could go to Pristina, because the whole Kosovo is there, Podujevo is there as well as Drenas, Peja and Gjakova, everyone is there, the whole Kosovo is there in Pristina, but I liked it here better, I got closer friends with whom I still hang out […]

To be honest, life in Prizren hasn’t changed much, it has just gotten more dynamic, and here I am talking about the nightlife, because there are no big changes. […] We had, Prizren had only one korso, there were no coffee shops like nowadays, there was the korso in shadërvan., then they moved it to Marash […] from the rock bridge, the iron bridge […] that is where the korso was, from the rock bridge to there. Before that it was in shadërvan. But it was very good, life was dynamic […] There was not a single night when we wouldn’t go out, only if we were on duty or something […] not much in coffee shops, but on korso, we would go for walks.

Aurela Kadriu (Interviewer), Elmedina Arapi & Gencer Tatar (Camera)

Rexhep Hasani was born in the village of Restovicë, Deçan in 1928. He finished law school at the University of Belgrade and in the meantime, during his studies, he worked for the police  under various police systems of the time. Through his work, he got to travel and live in many cities of Kosovo. After his studies, Hasani moved to Prizren for work, and there he worked as the Commander of the Police for some time. In 1981 he founded a private law office, where he still works. Being ninety years old himself, Hasani was decorated as the oldest lawyer in Kosovo who still actively practices his profession.