Religious men at work: Eighth Story

Raif Musa and Valdete Bajrami Musa

This is the eighth story in a series of ten stories about the 1990 Reconciliation of Blood Feuds Movement. The tellers are Raif Musa and Valdete Bajrami Musa, husband and wife, information technology professionals from Ferizaj, who were activists of the Movement.

nga e majta Dr.Don Lush Gjergji,Myderriz Idriz Kosova,Prof.Anton Çetta dhe Akademik Mark Krasniçi

In one case, someone cursed a hoxha, the hoxha was talking and he cursed him in the presence of everyone,  he cursed his mother.  The hoxha walked in his direction, we said, the hoxha is going to slap him, but he kissed that old man on the forehead and said, “Thanks,” he said, “I missed my dad.” And he is now looking at the hoxha, the hoxha was young, and the old man  began to cry, he says, “Hoxha,”  he said, “Do you forgive me?” “For what?” He said, “Earlier I was tough on you, I cursed you.””No,” he said, “You could be my father. What is the problem?!” He said, “My mother could be your wife, there is nothing to worried about.” And he cried at that word, at that action of the hoxha, and forgave the blood. It was unusual, in certain moments interesting things worked out.

We were kicked out of some cases for religious reasons, for example Don Lush [Gjergji] marched us out, “No, because this is Catholic.” They kicked us out just because of them, and even today that case is not forgiven. Now, even with our horrible politicians, the blood was not forgiven at that time, plus we were kicked out, so there were with us Professor Anton [Çetta], Don Lush, who are Catholic faith, we were kicked out because of them, and the blood was not forgiven. But we did not go because we considered ourselves undervalued,  when they kicked us out, we were young and did not care. We felt great  esteem for the professor and Don Lush, because Lush helped us very much, every time we went Lushi helped us, no matter if it was night or day, he did not hesitate. Even today we have a very good relationship, and whenever I go to Prishtina, he says, “Definitely come to visit me,” but who has the time. Not only Don Lush, but all professors, because the professors of that time were more modest, they had authority at that time and … for me, they have everything today, but they do not have authority, do not speak with authority, I am talking about these things that are key in politics, and  those who had the authority are still being modest..