Rilindja Media Palace

Pristina journalists celebrated the groundbreaking of the Rilindja Media Palace several times before construction started in the current location in 1972. At the time, it was the tallest building in the newly expanded city center. It was a multicultural coworking space for the editorial teams of the Rilindja, Jedinstvo, and Tan newspapers. Since the war of 1999, the facade and function have altered to such an extent that the building became unrecognizable to its architect Georgi Konstantinovski. However, the brutalist stylistic features are still visible on the left and right wings of the building. In line with these interventions, in 2015, a social realist statue of the Albanian national hero Ismail Qemali was added in what was previously the rose garden in front. Today, the building houses four ministries, a disco club, a coffee shop, two TV stations, two daily newspapers and a fitness center.