Partisan Martyrs Cemetery

Located in the residential area of Velania, this park of three hectares suddenly became an expose of a very dynamic political history of Kosovo post Second World War. Known since 1961 as the Partisan Martyrs Cemetery, the star-shaped memorial with a globe at its center was designed by Svetislav Ličina, commemorating the fallen in the Second World War. After the 1999, politicians and warriors representing the entire political spectrum began negotiating their places in this memorial park. It started with the veterans of the Anti-Fascist National Liberation War who added a new plaque. Afterwards a cemetery was built to commemorate the fallen of the 1999 Kosovo Liberation Army. President Ibrahim Rugova is also buried here, and recently in 2018, the former political prisoner and writer Adem Demaçi was laid to rest here too. The memorial park is an all-encompassing lesson on Kosovo’s history of the 20th century.