Hani i dy Robertëve

Hani i dy Robertëve [The Tavern of Two Roberts] is a restaurant and an exhibition space run by two local art connoisseurs, Merita and Fadil Dragaj. Located in Kurrizi in the ‘90s, the restaurant takes the name after a fictional tavern in Ismajl Kadare’s novel Ura me Tri Harqe [The Three Arched Bridge]. At Hani i dy Robertëve, the Albanian community of artists found a refuge and an exhibition space. The annual exhibition Salloni i Nëntorit [November Saloon] also moved to Hani i dy Robertëve due to lack of access to the Pristina Gallery of Arts. Similarly, restaurants like Koha and Fjala played a key role in maintaining the vibrancy and importance of cultural life. Hani housed its restaurant in multiple locations. Today, their legacy continues under the same name at its location in Aktash.