Naser Kuka

Pristina | Date: September 30, 2022 | Duration: 163 minutes

A day before my arrest, now this happened on March 5 or March 6 [1982], I am not entirely sure. But a day before, I mean, within these two days, a friend of mine was arrested, a fellow activist, one of my closest friends I had during those years in the underground movement and also later as well. I was informed about his absence at home during the night by one of his sisters. You know, he didn’t go home all night, ‘Do you know where he is? Where did he go?’ Questions like that.

[…] Now when she told me he didn’t come home all night, I was 99 percent sure that he must have been arrested. When I went out in the city, so this happened on a Thursday, Fridays were a market day in Kaçanik and I would usually get the newspapers when I went out. I saw unfamiliar faces that… were wandering around. Then of course I took the measures I had to for any possibility so they wouldn’t find anything at home, and if it was true that my friend was arrested, then I knew I would be arrested too. Because of our proximity, and the shared duties we had. I took some measures, made sure to keep in place communication within the group and ensure the continuation of the work, regardless of what happens to me that day or the next day, and I went home in the afternoon to hang out, to see my family once again, because to tell you the truth I didn’t want to be arrested in the presence of my family. I had the opportunity to flee, but I didn’t want to, because if they imprisoned my friend, a friend of mine, it was Hysen Shehu, then let them imprison me too.

Anita Susuri (Interviewer), Renea Begolli (Camera)

Naser Kuka was born in 1961 in Kaçanik. In 1982, Mr. Kuka was imprisoned and sentenced to four years in prison due to his political activity. In 1988, he was arrested for a second time, where he was again sentenced to four years in prison. In 1994, because of the continuous political persecution, he fled to Germany, where he continued his political activity. Mr. Kuka was engaged as part of the Kosovo Liberation Army and is a war veteran. Currently, he lives with his family in Kaçanik.