Indira Çipa

Pristina | Date: May 21, 2018 | Duration: 74 minutes

While I consider the activity in Agimi as a….as a gift for the nation, something that is spiritual and that maybe is the last yarn that I hold on to, not only me, but all the others. It is a gift for the nation, a gift for the city but also a big benefit for me because I got a lot of love from that activity, I got a lot of praise from those activities. I am sure that people are aware that I, I gave my soul to such an event and not only me. I was there because all the others were there. We all loved it, we all loved that activity. I cannot say that one influenced the other, but  I can say that none would work without the other. Agimi is Indira as a human, piano is Indira in her profession even though…one is within the other…there is no art without giving your heart to it.

Ardita Avdija (Interviewer), Donjetë Berisha (Camera)

Indira Çipa was born on July 14, 1962 in Prizren. She studied Music at the department of piano within the University of Pristina. For some time, she worked as an anchor at Television of Pristina, then she continued her master’s studies at the Sveti Kiril-Metodij University in Skopje, Northern Macedonia. From 1990 until 1996, she was part of the Shoqëria Kulturore Artistike Agimi where she contributed to pianistic recitals. Between 1997 and 2004, she worked at the University of Tetovo as a piano professor. Currently, she holds a Ph.D. in the fields of Creativity Studies and Pianistic Performance. Çipa also works as a piano tutor.