Hadije Gështenja

Prizren | Date: June 7, 2018 | Duration: 51 minutes

He started to screen films in Kosovo, then after a while he went also to Albania as Italians were there, they had cinemas in Tirana. […] The youth watched films so much, so much. Not only the youth, but also the elderly. My father would tell me about a friend of his, he’d go into the cinema at 4, he’d get out, he’d enter again at 6, he’d get out and enter again at 8. He’d watch three films a day. […] Then when I grew up, there were those leaflets, with the content of the films, my father would give me, I’d look at them, read them and propose the ones he should pick. I knew so much for films, also for artists, directors, and subjects.

Ares Shporta (Interviewer), Elmedina Arapi (Camera)

Hadije Gështenja was born in Prizren on April 20, 1945. After studying English Language and Literature at the Higher Pedagogical School [Shkolla e Lartë] in Prizren, she worked as a teacher, and later as an interpreter at Liria Enterprise. On her free time, Hadije helped her father Shefki make a selection of films for Kino Bistrica.