Besa Krajku

Prizren | Date: August 1, 2018 | Duration: 64 minutes

I have one remaining memory from the time I was part of the assembly, it is the celebration of the hundredth anniversary of the Prizren League on June 10, 1978. It was an amazingly organized event, it was great, I believe Prof. Dr. Pajazit Nushi who was also the minister of culture and education was in charge for the event. We collaborated a lot at that time because we needed to collaborate, because renovations were taking place in the League’s building. I remember there were some poor people living in that building, then apartments were given to them, the building near the League was renovated [the current museum]. All that took place for the hundredth anniversary, Agim Çavdarbasha sculpted the statue of Ymer Prizreni [and Abdyl Frasheri]. I remember that Albanian opera was Goca e Kaçanikut [Girl from Kaçanik] of composer and professor Rauf Dhomi was first performed in Kosovo on that occasion. The ceremony took place at 8 PM in the evening in the sports center, there was direct broadcasting of it all around Yugoslavia, from Slovenia to Pristina, it was a very well-organized event, but then after ‘81, they started to fade away…

Fitore Rexhepi (Interviewer), Elmedina Arapi (Camera)

Besa Krajku was born on March 18, 1952 in Suhareka. She remembers her childhood in Peja until 1958 when together with her family, they moved to Prizren, where they currently live. Krajku finished her studies at the Faculty of Law within the University of Pristina. In 1977 she was assigned as a judge at the Local Court in Prizren. One year later, she was offered the position of the leader of the Secretariat for General Administration where she worked for four years. Krajku had contributed to her profession for 43 years. On July 17, 1999, she was assigned as an emergent prosecutor in the District Prosecution where she worked until 2000 when the Municipal Court was established. Here, Krajku was appointed head of the Municipal Court of Prizren, where she worked until 2010. Later, she continued working at the General Jurisdiction in Pristina until her retirement in 2017. She still continues to give her contribution as a lawyer.