About Bajram Kelmendi: Tenth Story

Raif Musa and Valdete Bajrami Musa

This is the tenth story in a series of ten stories about the 1990 Reconciliation of Blood Feuds Movement. The tellers are Raif Musa and Valdete Bajrami Musa, husband and wife, information technology professionals from Ferizaj, who were activists of the Movement.

There was a very interesting case of Bajram Kelmendi, he was also an activist of the Reconciliation Council, he was the lawyer of the perpetrators. Now, when he came there, I noticed the old man, after entering the oda, he could not sit in one place. So, I went out to the hall and called the old man, I said, “What?” You know, “Have we done something wrong, or what?” You know, “I notice you don’t feel well.” He said, “No, you haven’t done that intentionally, I know it was not intentional.” He said, “But, he was their lawyer, when I see him in my oda, his actions and his words in court are stuck in my head.” Of course, he was a lawyer. I entered the room slowly and whispered in professor Anton’s ear and said, “Like this and this is the matter.” He said to Bajram, “Bajram,” he gestured with his head, “leave!” We ordered a car for him, he got up, he didn’t say a word, just left by car. And we stayed there for two more hours.

Now, people found out that professor Anton Çetta was there, they gathered spontaneously, when we got out everyone shouted, “Anton Cetta!” About one hundred people spontaneously gathered just because they found out. It was a very interesting case. You know, we wanted to honor him, because he absolutely did not… nobody wanted it [the prestige], not just he, he did not ask for it! We wanted to honor the professor, but also them. You know, we considered ourselves infants, they forgave it to us, but we would consider it, we thought, “By bringing the professor, we are rewarding them for the good will they have shown for the good of the country.” Everything started and everything was for the national cause, for this freedom…