Valdete Idrizi

Pristina and Mitrovica | Date: May 14 and 28, 2017 | Duration: 167 minutes

‘Oh dad, how did you manage? You are ill and tired and you haven’t eaten.’  We saw it on the news. He said, ‘No, more’ he said, ‘my daughter, do you know that there are many like me? I was just one of them, just one of many people who were there. And no one can, when I told them…’ And he turned a little. ‘Never,’ he said, ‘the miners will never separate. And the underground,’ he said, ‘will move everything.’ He said, ‘Because we know, this is our treasure, this is…’ […] He would raise our morale. I will never forget what a feeling he gave me, and sometimes we didn’t need other explanations, as if, as if I understood everything just by looking into his eyes, without explaining anything further.

Maybe I was afraid to ask more questions, afraid that something would happen more, more awful. But what he projected, you know, that side of his that… ‘It was worth it,’ that’s how he put it. ‘It was too much bre, dad, it would not have mattered if you were not there. Everyone knew you were ill.’ ‘No,’ he said, ‘I could not but be with them.’ This is it. I know that every time [the anniversary] comes, because I don’t like to remember dates much, to remember the commemoration of  this, of that… . But when I go, because I have been in the mine several times, I went to look for my father’s identification number there. His number was 618. I went to the tenth level, because I just wanted to know.

Erëmirë Krasniqi (Interviewer) Donjeta Berisha (Camera)

Valdete Idrizi was born in 1973 in Mitrovica. She studied Conflict Management and she is a peace activist. Ms. Idrizi is one of the founders of the multi-ethnic non-governmental organization Community Building Mitrovica (CMB). Currently, she is the executive director of CiviKos, a civil society platform. Ms. Idrizi has received several awards and recognitions for her work, among them, the International Women of Courage Award, the Soroptimist Peace Prize,  and the WIFTS Peace Award.