Agon Maliqi

Pristina | Date: July 5, 2017 | Duration: 41 minutes

[…] I remember very well the first day we entered the Sami Frashëri gymnasium. For us it was an experience… I mean, because many spaces of our city were forbidden to us, now suddenly we saw them for the first time. I remember  well when I entered the gymnasium, I was  amazed by the hall… I mean, compared to Hertica’s house, you know, it looked  a royal palace to us. I remember when we entered Boro and Ramiz, for example, the sports center, which  was… you spent the whole life and you didn’t, your road never sent you to the sports center. Now, as a 15 year old, entering the sports center for the first time was an extraordinary experience.

Aurela Kadriu (Interviewer), Donjeta Berisha (Camera)

Agon Maliqi was born in Pristina in 1984. He holds a Master’s degree in Development Policy from Duke University. Currently, he is an independent consultant/policy analyst and a public intellectual. Maliqi is the founder of the portal Sbunker. He lives between Tirana and Pristina.