Shefqet Rexhepi

Randobravë, Prizren | Date: May 12, 2018 | Duration: 26 minutes

As workers, we got along very well, there were various nationalities, Albanians, there were Turks, there were Serbs, but we were like a family, we had no doubts about what to do […] Health system was in a very good state, we had the dentist there, I mean, we were complete. How to say, we were a state, just as a state is supposed to be, that’s how we were. We had everything in Printeks.

‘Our relations with those working in the administration were good, the law came first, the law came first back then. There was the same law for everyone, starting from the most ordinary worker to the executives. The former workers’ union of Yugoslavia aimed for no worker to ever complain about anything. Whatever the workers wanted to happen, happened, they got whatever they needed.

Nëntore Rexhepi (Interviewer), Elmedina Arapi & Gencer Tatar (Camera)

Shefqet Rexhepi was born on May 6, 1952 in the village of Randobravë, Prizren. When he was 24, he started working at the textile factory Printeks. Rexhep worked in the department of knitting for thirty years. During this period, together with a team of workers, he received  training to become a firefighter and was certified as the firefighter of the factory. Today, as a pensioner, during the winter, he lives in New York at his son’s and spends the summer in his homeland.