Mürteza Büşra

Pristina | Date: November 30, 2018 | Duration: 105 minutes

Now, there is a story that’s being told, a funny one about this Clock Tower. We said that it would break down very often, and Vıçıtırn had one with a clock similar to this, but working much better than this one, now they think about it… If they would reach out and say, 'Look Pristina is a central place, is the center of sanjak it would be well if you would give the clock.' They suspected that they wouldn’t give the clock. What is there to do then, how would we get the clock now, how could we trick the people from Vıçıtırn. They took some dogs, really barky ones and tied some tins and stuff to their tails that would make noises {gesturing tying with hands} and just like that they released them… there around the clock tower.

The artisans, the citizens would look around and wonder what was making so much noise, it attracted their interest, the loud noises that the dogs were making. After that, you know the saying for the thieves Mehmet Aga, joe shmoe, a thief that was a very capable virtuoso, you know. A group of youngsters like this thief then went into the clock tower, took out the clock in Vıçıtırn and the citizens of Vıçıtırn never even realized it, never knew about it. They took out the clock and installed it in Pristina instead of the old one. However, after a while, they understood that the clock was changed, perhaps they might have even found out, realized how it all happened. Look at the robbery plot! Meaning, in the name of your city, for the sake of seeing your city better, what haven’t people done for it, right?

Ebru Süleyman (interviewer), Donjeta Berisha (Camera)

Mürteza Büşra was born in 1946 in Pristina. Büşra spent his childhood in his hometown Pristina and graduated from High Pedagogical School in Turkish Language. In 1970, he started working in Elena Gjika elementary school, formerly known as Vuk Karadžić. Afterwards, he worked at the Radio Pristina as the director of children’s programme and remained in that position for twenty-five consecutive years. Currently, Büşra lives in Pristina with his family.

Mürteza Büşra