Stefan Surlić

Belgrade | Date: June 19, 2017 | Duration: 110 minutes

…the [Dardania] school was divided, exactly that, there was a Serbian and an Albanian part so to speak, they had different entrances. And that was the case until the beginning of war. We had this central, courtyard actually, and I will never forget that image during, actually it was at the beginning, actually in ‘99, when we still didn’t know whether it would come down to bombings or not, and the situation and atmosphere were so very tense and as children we felt it, because it was really […]

I return to this image from school, it was sometime in February ‘99, we could see one another from the window, we were on one side, they were on the other, and I know that all we kids raised three fingers and they two. We just looked at one another and it was a still [image], there were no threats nor anything else, stillness, through that glass. And that is one of the images that will stay with me forever, that stillness, no emotional response, just raised fingers and a line which seemed at the time, and it seems, as time passes, insurmountable, and was passed down to the younger generations.

Marijana Toma (Interviewer) Boris Šebez (Camera)

Stefan Surlić was born in Pristina on January 30, 1989. He is a teaching assistant of Comparative Politics at the University of Belgrade, and a doctoral candidate in Political Science. He lives and works in Belgrade.