Saranda Bogujevci

Pristina | Date: February 7, 2018 | Duration: 84 minutes

What we found interesting about the living room [in the exhibition], it was that, you know, either in Kosovo, Albania, Serbia, but also the visitors from other European countries… all of them had the same feeling when they entered the living room. You know, the living room was a sort of, how to explain this… through the living room everyone understood that in that period of time everyone’s ways of living were similar with one another’s. You know, we were not so different from one another, you know how propaganda took over, especially in Serbia towards Albanians in Kosovo.

And when they entered the living room all the time you would hear people say, ‘We also had this, we also had this book, we also had the same television.’ Or, ‘We had the same blanket, my grandmother owned this…’

Aurela Kadriu (Interviewer), Donjeta Berisha (Camera)

Saranda Bogujevci was born in 1985 in Besianë. She graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University, Department of Interactive Arts. Bogujevci is a visual artist and curator. For a short period of time, she ran the Department of Culture, Youth and Sports in the Municipality of Pristina. Today, she is a member of Kosovo’s parliament and member of the Vetëvendosje Movement.