Book Presentation, Let us say this again, opaquely at the Mediterranea 18 – Young Artists Biennale, Tirana, Albania

The executive director of Kosovo Oral History Initiative, Erëmirë Krasniqi, on May 7, 2017, presented the book Let Us Say This Again, Opaquely, to which she contributed with a text. The project book was presented within the framework of the Mediterranea 18 – Young Artists Biennale.

Let Us Say this Again, Opaquely is a possible perspective on contemporary cultural research in the intersection between art practice and geopolitical issues.

The book collects texts written in the frame of the transnational research programme A Natural Oasis? a two-year (2016–2017) nomadic free school dedicated to the development of new curatorial research paths in the field of contemporary visual and performing arts starting from the geopolitical peculiarities of the artistic scenes of San Marino, Montenegro, Kosovo, and Malta.

Moreover, this project focuses on the controversial shortage of cultural professionals in “peripheral” cultural and artistic systems, in relationship with ongoing processes of educational centralization and with the concentration of artistic legitimation processes in big European “centers.”

The travels this book is based on structured its working methodology on the tactics of conversational and dialogical research and on the main strategies of oral history.

Texts by: Chiara Cartuccia, Lenka Dorojevic, Giulia Gregnanin, Sergey Kantsedal and Anton Lapov, Erëmirë Krasniqi, Rachel Pafe, Maya Tounta, Valerie Visanich, Alessandro Castiglioni and Simone Frangi