Zoran Plećaš

Beograd | Date: July 14, 2017 | Duration: 107 minutes

My neighbor and I went out for a walk. He was Albanian, I was Serb and there were protests again [1981]. And  where did the protest catch us? where the Executive Council was, where the statue stands. And where did we go to? there was a kafana [bar], Kod Ćora [At Ćora’s] in front of the Parliament, and we were old buddies, this Albanian and I, they are throwing tear gas, and we are running not knowing where, we run in the kafana. Koso blocks the door. ‘More, Koso open the door before they get to us, and kill us.’ For our luck my buddy Mile was there, he was quick to open the door and we got in. […]

We did not go to the protest. The families did not… you know, we went out together for a walk. Even today when I go ‘down there’ [to Kosovo] he tells everyone the story of when we ended-up together in the protest. We ran so we would not get beaten. I was with an Albanian, and a Serb myself, and it was really like that.

It was especially bad after that [first] curfew and everything that came after.

Marijana Toma (Interviewer) Miroje Ljepojević (Camera)

Zoran Plećaš was born in Pristina on July 30, 1955. He graduated in Economics at the University of Pristina in 1980. After graduation he worked at the Kosovo Executive Council, then he took the position of director at Jugoagent and worked there until 1989. In the ‘90s he had his own store, Akoma. He currently lives and works in Belgrade.