Vait Krasniqi

Prizren | Date: June 14, 2018 | Duration: 33 minutes

For example, in…If we  reflect a little , in ‘81, they were exactly at my family, because I was a student at that time, I mentioned it that we all were part of the demonstrations, of writing the slogans and so on, and at that time we would write a few slogans, which they called counter-revolutionary, there was the Kosova Republikë [Kosovo is a Republic] slogan, and so they came to my village and checked some houses, whose sons or daughters were in school, no matter ifthey were students or high school pupils, they went to my house and raided it and…I wasn’t there at that time, I was in Pristina, in the faculty and since I wasn’t there, they had taken my brother, without any guilt, and they imprisoned him for two months. So, I didn’t come from Pristina for a long time, and once I came three months later, I guess somebody had told them, I don’t know now, they came and took me too and I stayed in prison for two months, I mean, because…just because of being a student, it didn’t matter whether you were part of the demonstrations, whether you wrote slogans…All the mistreating, I mean, mistreatment.

Kushtrim Thaqi (Interviewer), Elmedina Arapi (Camera)

Vait Krasniqi was born on August 2, 1960 in the village of  Vlashnjë, Prizren. Krasniqi graduated from the Academy of Arts in Pristina with a major in music, Department of Art and Pedagogy. At that time, he was part of the demonstrations of ‘81 and in ‘82 and was imprisoned because of his participation in these demonstrations. In 1987, on September 1, he started teaching at theJosip Slavenski high school. He was expelled from his workplace in 1991, just like many other Albanians, until 1999 he continued teaching in Prizren, in an improvised home-school. Today, he lives in Prizren where he works as a teacher at the Lorenc Antoni Music High School.