We took Georg Simmel’s notion of “stranger,” who “comes today and stays tomorrow,” the potential wanderer, who, “although he has gone no further, has not quite got over the freedom of coming and going,” – to better identify those natives of other countries who came to Kosovo especially after 1999, and lived in Kosovo for an extended period of time, and/or currently live in Kosovo. They are officials of international institutions, staff of non-governmental organizations, business people, journalists, teachers, etc. They are commonly known as “the internationals.” They are not simply foreigners, they are part of Kosovo itself: they participate in local life in different fields and varying positions of power, and they are also co-creators, with Kosovars, of a transnational space which is cultural, social and political. In the words of Simmel, they are not unlike “inner enemies,” whose membership within the Kosovo society involves both being outside and confronting it. By collecting their life histories, we aim to shed light on the complicated status of outsiders/insiders and on what constructs this divide.