Samir Sezairi

Belgrade | Date: June 28, 2017 | Duration: 100 minutes

In the ‘90s like everywhere in Serbia, we had three TV channels. In Belgrade perhaps, let’s say there were more, but we, we in Pristina had RTS 1, 2, 3 and TV Pristina. And this was our window into the world, no other. So, what was served on these channels, we believed it. Quote unquote, we believed it. Until the satellite television appeared, respectively satellite dishes.

And now you have normal parents, who have friends on both sides, who are not prejudiced […] And we put on Deutsche Welle. You know, this was one of the sources of information, I don’t know, another one from America, both in Serbian, and some news from Deutsche Welle, and you understand that the tanks, that there is serious shooting going on. We are having lunch, the weather is nice, we plan where to go at the seaside […]

I thought they understood it, I thought my parents are making one another understand, and my dad was like, nothing will be of this, they are just threatening us a little, as if, she says, ‘Aman, man, they have announced it, I don’t know where, on Deutsche Welle that the planes are going to fly tonight.’ ‘Nothing will come out of this.’ So you know, this is how the [NATO] bombardment caught us, how it caught me [unprepared].

Marijana Toma (Interviewer) Boris Šebez (Camera)

Samir Sezairi was born in 1986 in Pristina. He studied Political Sciences at the University of Belgrade, Serbia. Today, he works at the Uniqa insurance company in Belgrade.