Mulla Idriz Kokrruki, “These idle talks of religion I can preach all day long”: Sixth Story

Raif Musa and Valdete Bajrami Musa

This is the sixth story in a series of ten stories about the 1990 Reconciliation of Blood Feuds Movement. The tellers are Raif Musa and Valdete Bajrami Musa, husband and wife, information technology professionals from Ferizaj, who were activists of the Movement.

nga e majta Dr.Don Lush Gjergji,Myderriz Idriz Kosova,Prof.Anton Çetta dhe Akademik Mark Krasniçi

In the photograph: from the left, Don Lush Gjergji, Mulla Idriz Kokrruki, Anton Çetta, and Mark Krasniqi.

A very interesting case during Ramadan, [Mulla Idriz] Kokrruki came with us. We went there seven-eight times and then called Kokrruki and this Liman Rushiti also helped us. But Ramadan, none of us kept Ramadan. The hoxha [imam] was with us, they gave us food and a bowl to wash our hands, then we were in the oda [men’s chamber]. And they [began] from the hoxha, this is the order, then the hoxha washed his hands, then we looked at each other and we washed our hands too, we sat at a sofra [low table], the hoxha was the first to sit at the sofra. We had gone hungry because we had not eaten anything, we were now watching each other that now the hoxha wasn’t fasting, you know, who sits without eating? But he says, “Take it, hoxha.” “No,” he said, “I am fasting.” “But you washed your hands.” “Yes,” he said, “because during the day I touched bad things, and I must keep clean.” “Yes,” he said, “You sat at the sofra.” “I sat down,” he said, “Because I am a human being, I am hungry, normal,” he said, “I am hungry and wait, that’s it,” he said “I stay with you, when you stand up I stand up too.” He brought us  water, gave us food, all that stayed on the sofra until our time was up, you know, they were strong believers and strong patriots. It is difficult to find someone more patriot than hoxha Kokrruki, very difficult, because patriotism was his priority, he talked, talked, talked and would say, “These idle talks of religion I can preach all day long.”