Momčilo Trajković

Čaglavica | Date: February 5, 2019 | Duration: 176 minutes

The new building was inhabited by the old Serbs, old Serbs of Pristina, old Turks and old Albanians. They had houses where the cinema is now, previously Omladina Cinema, do you know that settlement now? And, when those buildings were built, they were, since they were old houses, they gave apartments to host the owners of houses and they all lived in that building. Everyone was settled in that building. I was the only one and another journalist, we were, like this, to say from aside. All the others were… they simply transferred all of their settlement to this building: the old Albanians, the old Serbs, the old Turks. And that was very interesting. When I arrived there, as they got used to sitting in front of the gates, in front of the house there to talk… that mentality and this custom was transferred to the building. They also put benches there, there was coffee, everything… this building was different from all. And so people were close.

Since I was in a position, I and some Stihović, I say… someone from Novobrdo, one Albanian was the director of this nursery garden, Vitia, yes. I remember, Vitia. I was a functionary at that time, I was engaged in politics, I do not know how much you know… I was the Executive Secretary of the Committee […] And he comes to me, ‘What can I do for you, for you, comrade Trajković?’ That’s it. I say, ‘Listen, come on, look, take a look in front of my building where I live, people are so, you know so good. Go on and do it, plant some trees.’ And the trees now, I do not know if you know when you go before that tunnel down there are those buildings. All of these trees are… yes, that was my plan, I asked for that, and it was planted for me. No one knows that, people who lived there know. Otherwise, others do not know. That’s how it happened, that… the forest just ahead of this building.

Erëmirë Krasniqi (interviewer), Kaltrina Krasniqi (Interviewer/ camera)

Momčilo Trajković was born on November 5, 1950 in Čaglavica near Pristina. He earned a law degree from the University of Pristina. He began his  career at the Provincial Secretariat as an advisor for foreign affairs. During the years 1966-1989, he worked as an Executive Province secretary at the Executive Council, followed by two years as a Municipal Committee secretary for two years. From 1993, Trajković was the director of the agricultural cooperative “Ratar” in Laplje Selo. After the 1999 war, he was engaged in the resistance of the Serbian Movement. Today, he lives between Čaglavica and Belgrade and in his free time performs traditional Serbian music.