Exhibition zine: Clarity in vagueness

At Once Vague and Unavoidable: Modernities 1945—1989

The zine, Clarity in Vagueness takes as its starting point factual sources documenting the history of five key factories during the second half of the 20th Century in the city of Prizren. Representing multiple subject-positions, the narrator speaks in the first person, at times from the perspective of the factory worker exploring their work environment, and in others from that of the factory itself, anthropomorphizing the factory. By reworking the hard facts into a creative narrative, the zine takes the form of a memoir.

This zine is produced as part of the exhibition At Once Vague and Unavoidable: Modernities 1945—1989. The exhibition is open from November 2—25, 2018.

Zine curated by: Erëmirë Krasniqi

Texts written by: Kushtrim Thaqi

Graphic design: Nita Salihu Hoxha, Studio Permanent

Illustration: Urtina Hoxha, Studio Permanent