Xhemajl Petrovci

Pristina | Date: November 28, 29, 2018 | Duration: 179 minutes

‘I am that Xhema from Prishtina.’ He said, ‘Are you a shehirli [townsman] or an Albanian?’ An Albanian shehirli, imagine? I understood what he was getting at, his question was, ‘Are you a Turk or an Albanian? I said, ‘I am an Albanian from the shehir [town].’ ‘Hey, I am asking you straight in Albanian!’

Aurela Kadriu (interviewer), Donjetë Berisha (Camera)

Xhemajl Petrovci was born in Pristina in 1949. He completed the Technological High School in 1967. In 1971, he worked at the Elektro Kosova energy company. Throughout the ‘80s, he worked at the Ramiz Sadiku construction company and later as an independent electrician. Today, he lives with his son and nieces in their family house in Pristina.