Slavica Jovanović

Belgrade | Date: July 16, 2017 | Duration: 121 minutes

… when I started working on that April 1, 1990, at the time Albanians and Serbs worked together at that firm. And things started to… and that lasted… things started to change […] I started working when things started to change because the… because the secretary at the time, who was an Albanian, older, an older gentleman, got fired and I, I mean, they gave me his position. And my, my first task, this was my job, was to write the decision to fire Albanians. And I did that.

[…] The director at the time, a Serb, sort of implemented the policies. Of course I always pointed out that this isn’t according to the law, that we should follow [legal] procedures, that we should prove that the person has done something wrong and what he had done wrong and that he cannot fire people just like that, take the decision, refer to an amendment, who knows what, you read the amendment halfway and you write the decision, all of that was stupid, and yet.

Around eight o’clock I asked the director, ‘Should I give this to them, should I hand them the decisions?’ ‘No, no, wait a bit.’ Nine, ten passed and at eleven o’clock he invited me to his office and said, ‘Now you can hand them the decisions.’ In that moment around ten men appeared in his office, those Serbs prominent in the company and in the surrounding area, who were all armed, only later I understood that. So, they were there to protect him from their possible reactions, yes. And they sent me, of course, to hand the decisions to these people who did nothing wrong, and they took it and said to me, ‘We know that you are not part of this and we know you have your reasons [for doing it], of course, it is something that we too would do.’ And they said, ‘OK,’ and took the decisions and signed them and left the company.

Marijana Toma (Interviewer) Miroje Ljepojević (Camera)

Slavica Jovanović was born in 1967, in Gušica, municipality of Vitina. She studied Law at the University of Pristina. She worked as the secretary of the state-run company Klokot banja [Klokot Spring]. Jovanović worked there until 2001, when she moved to Belgrade with her family. Currently, she works as public notary in Veliko Gradište, Serbia.