Rafet Rudi

Pristina | Date: January 21, 2017 | Duration: 204 minutes

… it’s not because  of Paris or because of that contact that I got to hear only good orchestras, or only good artists, or attended only great cultural events, but from that position one observes more closely the flow of things here [in Kosovo]. I started understanding better, clearer, seeing  the value in Albanian music, or the values that you have, your personal values, right? You know, when you’re a bit farther away, you know that distance, let’s say even physical distance, but the cultural distance of the environment mostly, you understand better the environment where you will go back.

That is your primary environment, right? And I have understood it better and that is quite important, developing and following the standards that exist in a center of culture. First, researching, understanding, experiencing those standards, that makes you better, so that you to launch and to try to preserve those standards in the  less developed environment that  we were at the time.  You don’t see those standards if you go to Paris only once, for example, right?  You attend a concert and you come back and you think that is how it should be done. No, when… only when you experience the rhythm of a big cultural center.

Erëmirë Krasniqi (Interviewer) Petrit Çeku (Interviewer) Donjeta Berisha (Camera)

Rafet Rudi was born in January 5, 1949, in Mitrovica. Graduated in Conducting and Composition from the Academy of Music in Belgrade. He specialized under the mentorship of the composer Claude Ballif at the National Conservatory of Paris. From 1980 up to 1987, Rudi was the conductor of the professional choir of Radio-Television Pristina. From 2002 he is the founder and the director of the International Music Festival ReMusica. While from 2006 he is the permanent conductor of the Philharmonic Choir of Kosovo.