Pavarësia booklet

First issue, May, 1991

As Raif Musa and Valdete Bajrami Musa tell us, in the years 1990-1992 the Council of Reconciliation of Blood Feuds in Ferizaj  was a meeting point for different social movements. At the time, they met many other activists, mainly former political prisoners, also known as the the activists of Ilegalja [The Underground]. Since the political context of Kosovo had undergone drastic changes during those years, even the activism of the Reconciliation of Blood Feud Movement was considered semi-illegal.

One of the results of this type of political socialization was the formation of the literary group Hasan Prishtina, that published two issues of the booklet Pavaresia [Independence]. This booklet published numerous articles, stories and poetry, which depicted aspects of the demonstrations of 1981.

The first issue of Pavarësia, published in May, 1991, can be found here.